lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

The power ot the pork!!!!!!

Un vidino que ha editado Adam de un par de dias escalando fuera. Buenos momentos y mejor compañia!! Un abrazaco xa todos!! La mierda de Jonas ya no es mi amigo, que lo sepa todo el mundo.

Power of the Pork: Northumberland Bouldering from adam b on Vimeo.

viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Inglorious Bleausards, THE FILM

"I tried to do something a bit different with this film. With two exclusive DJ mixes done especially for this film, the music and the climbing are in synch all the way through. It's a bit longer then I first intended but I don't feel I could edit it much shorter while still telling the 'story'. Hope you enjoy it. D No words to say, no comments to add, just a masterpiece form Dave....Its been one of the most amazing trips ever...Thanks to you all!!!!!!!! And for the rest of the gorrinos who are reading this, just best wishes and I will see you this summer no doubt! Me lo paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarto mierda!!!!!!!!!!

Inglorious Bleausards from Dave Carnegie on Vimeo.