sábado, 22 de enero de 2011


Walrus Well, here I hang a video of a trip we made to Albarracin 2 years ago. I laugh a lot with lanido and had to hang something because the fucking jonas not hang anything from nothing and has forgotten the blog!
I heard that there encalomes but as I see videos posted on the blog I do not believe.
A hug for all suckling pig in general and particularly those of video-
I wrote a chronicle in English so that people know that we are internationally suckling pig!!!
7c or what lan??7c!!!jajajja...Indi

2 comentarios:

Jonas dijo...

yo kiero repetirr esas cosasss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cuidaross mierdass !
quiero k volvaiss todos a treparr !!!!!!

Indi dijo...

os hecho mucho de menos chicos.....necesito la piedra como la comida misma.....